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Collectable Converter Properties

This can be used to automatically convert one Collectable to another when the Player reaches a certain threshold. You can set multiple converters up to create a chain of conversions. We use these in Doodle Safari to convert Copper to Silver to Gold.

This also automatically ties into the purchase scripts we offer and will let a Player spend 1 Silver to buy something listed at 40 Copper.

This does expect Collectable Data to exist in a Database, so please make sure you understand how to set that up.

  • Input Collectable Data Id - The “Data Id” of the Collectable that should be traded for the other Collectable.

  • Output Collectable Data Id - The “Data Id” of the resulting Collectable.

  • Input Amount - The number of the Input Collectable needed to convert to the Output Collectable.

  • Output Amount - The number of the output Collectable given in return for the input Collectable.