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Halloween Fun Example

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Halloween Fun Example

This game uses a bunch of simple to configure scripts that let you build out really fun player interactions. We have examples of each new interaction in a cozy little Halloween themed space where you can carve pumpkins, test potions, and much more. Feel free to jump in and see all of the interactions!

If you want to use these objects in your own games, Click here for a remixable game with all of the templates laid out and ready to be used.

Each interaction script is built to be simple and flexible and has detailed instructions inside on how to use it. The scripts are all remixable as well and we look forward to seeing even more interactions built by all of you :D

Several of the scripts let you choose how interactions happen with an “Interaction Type” dropdown:

  • Interact - A player must press the interact key or button while close to the object
  • Distance - A player must be within a certain distance from the object

There is also an “Allowed Interactors” dropdown:

  • Players - Only players can interact with the object
  • NPCs - Only NPCs can interact with the object (See note below)
  • Both - Players and NPCs can interact with the object

Note: Soon, even NPC's will be able to do your interactions! There is a way to do it by writing your own scripts, but it is a bit advanced. You can ask questions in our Discord #scripting channel to learn more.

All of these scripts let you specify a custom icon that shows that you can interact with it and offset to decide where it should show up. By default they just place an arrow at the top. If you use a custom offset it will be calculated from the origin/pivot of the Entity, not the bounds.

Each new script will be covered in its own post below so take a look and see if anything looks useful for your own games!

Important Note: All of the scripts require that you have the net or networked tags on the Entity. Check out the examples to see how they are set up.

Let's dive into the scripts and how you can use them to add some interactivity to your own games.

  1. Change Color
  2. Diggable Grave
  3. Openable Coffin
  4. Openable Gate
  5. Object Spawner
  6. Play Particles
  7. Pose Player
  8. Cosmetic Interaction
  9. Jack-O-Lantern
  10. Halloween NPCs