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The dbb_cosmetic_interact script lets players interact with an Entity to wear an item. A template can be set that will get attached to the player much like the existing dbb_cosmetic script, but with more options and an interaction instead of a trigger volume.

A sound and an effects template can play/spawn when the cosmetic is worn. Wearing a new cosmetic that shares a label with one the player is already wearing will replace the existing one. You can use this to swap out costumes.

Note: The template that gets attached to the player must have the dbb_link_object_to_slot script on it. The easiest way to build your own cosmetic items is by starting with an existing one as a base and changing it from there since dbb_link_object_to_slot can only be added to entities by DBB staff.

Check out the image below to see the options available.

dbb_cosmetic_interact Properties