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Doodle Safari

Doodle Safari is a new remixable game built to show off the new data persistence feature. It comes with a bunch of flexible systems that you can remix and turn into your own games that save player progress!

Check it out here: Doodle Safari

Players explore a small world and take photographs of little creatures called Doodles. Each area has a couple species to discover. A merchant is set up near the tent selling hats, scarves and other accessories. Spend the coins and diamonds you find there to look your best!

Just like the Halloween Fun Example, the easiest way to grab this stuff and make your own versions of it is to create your own templates from the existing objects, drop them into your game and change them from there.

Let's dive into the systems in the game and how you can use them to build your own games.

  1. Custom Player Template
  2. Saving Data
  3. Collectables
  4. Collectable Container
  5. Collectable Converter
  6. Database
  7. Floating Text Manager
  8. Screen Manager
  9. UI Controller