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Welcome to the dot big bang creator documentation!

Development is fun!

What is dot big bang?

dot big bang lets you play and make games by yourself or in multiplayer right in your browser. It works everywhere you can find a modern browser: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and even on the XBox!

dot big bang comes with built-in editors to create all the things you need for a game. From voxel models, level design all the way to gameplay coding. Edits can be made in live multiplayer even whilst the game is running. We also support massive multiplayer interactions with our Constellation system that enables thousands of people to interact in the same game.

I Need Help!

Join us on Discord

The best way to get immediate help is to join our community discord server. It’s packed full of knowledgeable creators and our own Community Developers.

You can also find a selection of video based tutorial content on our YouTube channel and Twitch.

dot big bang is still in alpha so there are lots of rough edges. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help or feedback.

How To Use This Site

The menu on the right takes you to more creator documentation. It’s a mix of hand written and auto-generated material. Right now it’s designed as reference material so it’s best used with the relevant bit of dot big bang open. We recommend learning from it by trying to make things. The descriptions work best in the context of doing something and it will help cement concepts into your brain.

For beginners who have little or no game making experience we recommend you start with our Quickstart or How To Think In DBB articles.

If you’re confident with making games dot big bang should feel pretty natural but we’d still recommend you take a look at our Advanced Quickstart and Concepts in DBB articles. Both are coming soon! Until then you can look through our Scripting Examples and dig into the details of our Example Games.

We also have our 101 Intro to Magic tutorial game that will help illustrate core concepts in dot big bang. Using it alongside this site as reference is a great hands on way to get started with dot big bang.

Our complete TypeScript API is also documented here so you can easily explore the capabilities of our engine.