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Quick Start

  1. Have a look at the 101 Intro To Magic it's an interactive tutorial.

  2. To make a new game, visit

  3. Save your game by clicking the “save” button:

  1. Run your game in multiplayer mode by clicking the share button:
  1. Open additional browser windows with the same URL to join your game multiple times. This is useful for testing. In Chrome you can right-click a tab and click “duplicate”.

We will shortly have a couple of introductory video tutorials.

Note On Missing Features

Currently our World Editor is missing some key engine features. We've launched without them in order to get early feedback on our scripting system. But don't worry, you can still accomplish a lot without them and we'll be plugging the missing gaps as a high priority over the next couple of months.

If you're desperate to get access to these features please join our Discord and enquire about our Creator Incubator Program.