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Basic Combat Example

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Basic Combat Example

The Combat Example is a small game with enemies spread across various islands that you can fight to collect coins, potions and weapons.

Enemies have some basic behaviors that make them chase and attack players with melee and ranged weapons. They drop loot when killed and respawn over time. An enemy can be anything from a basic voxel object to a fully animated NPC.

All aspects of the game are very customizable and it is meant to be remixed and expanded on by you!

Check it out here: Basic Combat Example

Let's dive into the systems in the game and how you can use them to build your own combat games.

  1. Remix The Combat Example Game
  2. Combat Player Template
  3. Starter Weapon
  4. Enemies
  5. Enemy Behavior
  6. Enemy Health
  7. Enemy Drops
  8. NPC vs Voxel Object Enemies
  9. Ground Loot and Boss Chest
  10. Potions
  11. Weapons
  12. Purchases / Store
  13. Teleporters
  14. Combat UI