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Custom NPCs in the Template Bar

New customizable NPCs can now be found in the bottom bar! These can be placed into a game and have either sliders or voxel object properties that let you change how they look.

Custom NPCs

This style of NPC allows for a single custom outfit. To set the outfit up you swap out voxel objects for each slot on the NPC. You can remix all of the base objects to have a good starting point for your own styles.

Character NPCs

These NPCs are more specific characters with several outfit combinations. You can use sliders to switch between a large variety of outfit options. For those of you who want to make your own outfit options the posts below will explain how to do that!

The outfits support special template slots for wings, tail and skirt. We have provided several templates for these special slots that you can use as a base for your own floppy tails, flapping wings and swishing skirts and will soon have a remixable game for you to gain access to them.

Important Note: All of these NPCs have a script called dbb_npc_outfit_switcher on them that only DBB staff can add. When you make your own NPC templates make sure that you start from one of these NPCs as a base so that the script is included.

Custom Human NPC

This template is a basic human character. Remix the base voxel objects in each slot to build any kind of humanoid you can imagine! You can leave slots empty if you don’t want to have a part. For example a zombie might be missing an arm.

Custom NPC Appearance

Custom Dragon NPC

Custom Dragon NPC

The Dragon is another NPC that allows you to swap out its voxel objects to make new characters. The reason the dragon is its own distinct custom NPC, is to allow it to have a slightly different torso/belly alignment compared to the regular Custom NPC. In the image of the two custom npcs, you can see that the pieces have been moved around to make something that will look better when the tail template is attached.

Over time, we will provide a variety of different base body rigs that allow for different resolutions of voxel objects or position variations. Check out the Halloween Fun Example game to find a Custom Skeleton NPC that has higher resolution hands for its bone fingers.

Fire Fighter, Fairy, Clerk and Knight NPCs

These NPCs come with a variety of hats, masks, jackets, pants and more that you can adjust using sliders. Open up the dbb_npc_appearance_# scripts to set up your outfits. You can also just check the “Randomize” box and have a new character each time the game starts!

You can find references to all of the outfit pieces in the dbb_npc_outfit_collection_# scripts. Feel free to remix and swap out your own pieces!

More experienced coders can remix the appearance and outfit collection scripts to build custom characters with their own sliders. Check out the comments in the script files.

Fire Fighter NPC Appearance