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This is list of all our example games and a little bit of information about them all. These all exist to demonstrate concepts or as part of tutorials we have written. You can access your own copy of each of these templates by choosing an option here:

Scripting Examples

Scripting Examples & Tips packs most the functionality of dot big bang into a concise package so that you can quickly browse and find examples of how to use various features. We also have these examples in an explorable form on this site here.

the scripting starter game

World Building Tips

In Environment Examples & Tips game you'll find a bunch of useful information and examples of how to go about building worlds in our game editor. It covers everything from art creation tips, how to add functionality to your game and solutions to common problems you might encounter when trying to build a game for dot big bang.

the envrionment starter game

Intro to Magic

Intro to Magic is a guided introduction to scripting in dot big bang. We have a companion video that shows how to use it.

UI Basics

The UI Basics example game has multiple examples of how to achieve various effects with our very basic UI system. We have a seperate document covering it here.

the ui basics game

Obstacle Course Template

Our Obstacle Course Template provides a very basic obstacle course made using the Featured Templates on dot big bang. You can use this as a base for your own obstacle course or inspriation in how to use our Featured Templates to build your own. A guide to how this template was created is here.

FPS Template

The FPS Template contains a fully featured game made from the ground up for dot big bang. It's a fast-paced arena shooter you can use as a base, either to make your own levels or to extend with new features and gameplay mechanics. This is the same code that was used to build Terminal Junction.

our fps template game

Halloween Game

OoooOoooo, the Halloween Game shows off a whole load of fun interactions you could add to your own games. From posing spots, through potions that add cosmetics to your character and up to pumpkin carving! You can use any of these interactive examples as the basis of your own creation as they're all compatible with the default dot big bang player! All the templates used in the game along with some examples are also here.

getting spooky in our halloween example game

Doodle Safari

Doodle Safari demonstrates our new Persistence feature that lets game developers store user data for with their game. Players can earn currency by finding Doodle's hiding in the game and trade it for cosmetics. The Persistence system is used to store information about how much currency the player has, what they've unlocked and what cosmetics they are currently wearing. You can also find an example showing all the templates used in the game here.

trying to find some doodles

Snow People Decorator

Snow People showed up in the Hub during the winter. They were built using some of the same scripts used in Doodle Safari and show a screen that lets you change their appearance. These could be used as a base for your own projects like houses that can be upgraded, changeable props and much more. You can walk around in game to learn how they work and remix it to use it as a base!

decorating some snow people