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This is a collection of scripts lets you swap out parts made of separate voxel objects. The scripts that make this work are:

  • dbb_voxel_switcher (DBB Staff)
  • dbb_voxel_appearance_jack-o-lantern
  • dbb_voxel_collection_jack-o-lantern
  • dbb_npc_appearance_randomizer

The first three scripts control the appearance of the Jack-O-Lantern. Parts can be swapped out in dbb_voxel_collection_jack-o-lantern if you would like to build your own faces. Remixing the existing parts is highly recommended, though you can also do something totally custom!

The appearance is driven by the sliders on dbb_voxel_appearance_jack-o-lantern. These two scripts rely on each other being accurate and include some comments on how to work with them in the code.

dbb_npc_appearance_randomizer is the script handling the interaction.

These scripts are also remixable so you can take them and use them to build your own objects or characters that have multiple outfits or looks driven by sliders.